Women's songs from the Baka Hunter Gatherers

Singing is central to the lives of the Baka. Song permeates their lives from cradle to grave, from ritual to healing, to fun and games.

Women have an important musical role. their traditional power has been to communicate with the forest in song to ensure the riches of life for all. This ancient practice is unbroken and women still sing out into the forest at night to enchant the animals and bring success to the hunters. This music is a playful weaving of sound, as collective as their egalitarian lifestyle. Everyone joins in with ease.

Since 1992 Su Hart has sung with the Baka women and has been initiated into their polyphonic spiritual singing. They have now asked her to bring and teach their songs beyond the forest.

Su returns to the forest in S.E.Cameroon regularly to learn more and to help to organise projects which the Baka request. This work is funded by workshop donations and music royalties.

See www.1heart.org and www.baka.co.uk

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Global Music Exchange (GME) has been actively working with the Baka of Cameroon on development projects for over 10 years. Recently we have branched out to help other groups promote & celebrate their culture with events such as Under the Volcano Festival.
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