For millenia the Baka have lived deep in the forests in Central Africa surviving through a profound awareness and understanding of their natural world. They find everything they need from the forest around them. Living in a world of natural sounds everyone grows to be good at listening and taking part in music-making. Sharing and co-operation areessential for survival. Today , with the outside world encroaching on their forest, their culture and way of life are under threat.

Su Hart, a trained teacher and singer, has visited the Baka many times since 1992 and has built her first-hand experiences into an input for schools around National curriculum guidelines.

The workshop sessions have children and teachers actively participating with confidence. Through learning about the life of the Baka they develope their own skills whilst gaining an understanding of the diversity of cultures.

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Global Music Exchange (GME) has been actively working with the Baka of Cameroon on development projects for over 10 years. Recently we have branched out to help other groups promote & celebrate their culture with events such as Under the Volcano Festival.
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